From Hidden Assets to a Sharing Platform: Our Journey to a Global Insights Portal

Global companies often have distributed employee bases – especially increasing with the current work-from-home environment. As a result, the insights are only in local repositories, which are often only available to a limited number of employees.
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In this webinar, take an in-depth look at how Elizabeth and her team have:

  • Blended internal and external content
  • Integrated multiple premium content providers & data sources (e.g. social media and unstructured data)
  • Exposed hidden internal assets
  • Organized content to be easy to find
  • Built a self-service system through alerts and forms
  • Engaged users to grow the user base and converted non-users to portal promoters
  • Catered to many different kinds of users, with unique needs, across the organization
  • Explained the key benefits to management to grow support


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