COMPANY: A Large Global Technology Company

TYPE: Technology

Here’s how Intelligence2day® helped structure and streamline the company’s market and competitive intelligence solutions.

The Challenge

The information center at a large global technology company was using an in-house solution to track market intelligence from hundreds of sources across various sectors. In 2015, they found that it was not meeting the needs of their users who wanted an improved way to search amongst these sources as well as the ability to receive e-mail alerts on content relevant to them. They needed an intelligence system that could accommodate social features, such as the ability to like and comment on content.

The Solution

Intelligence2day® was able to match all of these requirements. The team incorporated three types of content into their new system which included reports from licensed research vendors, news from premium business sources and internally produced material. The selected information manager was made responsible for keeping the system running optimally. This includes evaluating sources, creating feeds, manually uploading content, troubleshooting, working with vendors to create FTP and API import mechanisms, negotiating content licenses

The information manager speaks with approximately 25 of their 165 content vendors on a weekly basis and an additional 15 vendors on a monthly basis. Moreover, the manager maintains a quarterly scorecard which is a report of the type and volume of content that the vendor has delivered over the quarter and its usefulness to users.


About the company

This global technology company has almost 100,000 employees and with Intelligence2day® they were able to transition from using an in-house solution to using one with capabilities that met their needs.


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