COMPANY: A Global Manufacturing Company in Germany

TYPE: Manufacturing, Technology.

Here’s how Intelligence2day® helped structure and streamline the company’s market and competitive intelligence solutions.

The Challenge

Within the company, each information center had a different solution for tracking market intelligence, some of which were in-house solutions. Since there was no cooperation or communication between these systems, one product needed to be selected and integrated across the entire corporation.

The Solution

The company selected Intelligence2day® after a thorough evaluation process and it is now being used successfully throughout departments and company-wide. Each of the four information centers using Intelligence2day® has its own sources for market intelligence; in total 1300 different feeds are established throughout the system. Big competitors and industry topics are covered through intelligence provided by the company’s Factiva license.

Comintelli supported the company weekly, to effectively help set up the feeds, tweak settings and to troubleshoot after software upgrades were made.

However, one challenge they have now is figuring out how to get better information about markets in China and Japan. News monitoring in these languages is difficult, and company websites seem to change constantly, requiring the information centers to update their feed settings.


"Our complex B2B-structure required a high level of versatility and customizability in data retrieval, processing and distribution. With Intelligence2day we were able to build a state-of-the-art market intelligence tool according to our specific needs."

Senior Market Intelligence Analyst


About the company

The international technology manufacturer has approximately 15,000 employees and multiple information centres, serving parts of the company related to the different sectors in which they have product portfolios.


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